Who Makes Traiden Air Mini Split? Uncovering the Manufacturer

If you’re in the market for a mini split air conditioner system, you may have come across the Traiden brand. Traiden offers ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps ranging from 9,000 to 36,000 BTU. Their systems boast reliable performance, energy efficiency, and quiet operation.

But despite their growing popularity among homeowners and contractors, one question still remains – who makes Traiden mini splits? Traiden is the consumer-facing brand, but there’s more to the story behind these HVAC products. Keep reading to learn about the Traiden air mini split manufacturer and what sets them apart.

Introduction to Traiden Mini Splits

Traiden mini splits are a series of ductless heat pumps manufactured in Asia for the North American market. They offer compact, wall-mounted indoor units paired with external condensing units to deliver focused heating and cooling without ductwork. Some of their signature features include:

  • Inverter-driven compressors for quiet and efficient operation
  • WiFi capability on select models for remote access via smartphone
  • SLEEK+ anti-corrosion treatment on outdoor units
  • Multiple fan speeds and airflow patterns
  • Extended piping lengths up to 82 feet

Traiden mini splits range in capacity from small 9,000 BTU single-zone systems up to 36,000 dual-zone systems able to handle over 4 tons of heating/cooling. They offer flexible installation with flared copper connections, minimal maintenance, and significant cost savings over older HVAC technology.

Who Manufacturers Traiden Mini Splits?

who manufacturers traiden mini splits
Who Manufacturers Traiden Mini Splits?

Traiden mini splits and heat pumps are manufactured by a large Chinese conglomerate called GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co. Ltd. They own several brands of HVAC equipment sold globally, including Midea, ComfortStar, and Traiden.

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GD Midea is a publicly traded company based in Guangdong Province, China with over 60 years of experience building air conditioning products. They operate multiple factories, research centers, and testing facilities across China to engineer and produce ACs for worldwide distribution.

In 2017, Midea Group acquired an 80% stake in HVAC company Toshiba Carrier Corporation, bringing on additional resources, technology, and distribution channels. This led to the launch of Traiden mini splits – a new brand name and product line for the North American market starting in 2019.

While designed in China specifically for US and Canadian requirements, Traiden mini splits are part of GD Midea’s ongoing international growth strategy. Traiden sells these products through third party distributors to contractors across North America.

How Traiden Mini Splits Are Manufactured

The manufacturing process for Traiden mini splits mirrors GD Midea’s approach with their other HVAC brands. Production takes places across several dedicated factories using state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control at each stage.

Raw Materials

It all starts with procuring high-grade raw materials from trusted suppliers. This includes copper tubing, aluminum fins, steel chassis and frames, insulated electric wiring, and mechanical components like compressors, valves, motors and PCBs. They only work with materials suppliers that meet regulatory and performance standards.

Machining Components

The factory machining lines shape and assemble the various mechanical parts required for the air conditioning system. This includes punching, bending, and sizing the heat exchanger coils, cutting aluminum to size for fins and fan blades, molding plastic components like control boxes, and more. Each step leverages automation, computerization, and skilled technicians to ensure precision.

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Once components are machined to spec, they move to sub-assembly stations. Here they build up individual assemblies like sealed refrigeration circuits, fan and motor pairings, control boxes, and drain pans before final unit integration. Keeping these as pre-built sub-assemblies streamlines the final production phase.

Final Assembly

In final assembly, the sub-assemblies converge together into full indoor evaporator units and external condenser units. Traiden tests each completed unit thoroughly before approving for packaging and shipping. This phase also includes evacuated and sealing the refrigerant lines, creating an airtight system charged with R410A refrigerant.

Testing and Evaluation

Comprehensive testing occurs throughout the manufacturing process. This includes PCB functionality, electric motor performance, part leak tests, airflow calibration, noise level checks, and monitoring key metrics like energy efficiency and heat transfer rate. Traiden mini splits undergo a battery of QA tests before being validated for distribution.

By combining technologically advanced equipment with repeated quality control steps, Traiden (Midea) achieves excellent performance and reliable lifetime from their mini split ductless systems built.

Traiden Mini Split Technology Innovations

traiden mini split technology innovations
Traiden Mini Split Technology Innovations

In addition to the testing and quality assurances during manufacturing, Traiden mini splits stand out through proprietary technological innovations introduced by parent company Midea:

Inverter Compressor Optimization

Traiden ductless systems utilize Midea’s Intelligent Power Sound (IPS) Inverter compressors on most models rather than fixed-speed types. This provides precise cooling and heating capacity modulation from 25-130% to closely match conditions and reduce energy consumption. Optimized inverter algorithms also minimize sound output during modulation for quieter comfort.

IoT Remote Connectivity

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Many Traiden mini split models include built-in Wi-Fi in the indoor unit main controller. This allows for IoT integration to remotely monitor and adjust temperatures, modes, fan speeds and more all through the Midea Air mobile app on iOS and Android devices. No other ancillary smart controls needed!

Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion Protection

Applying their patented gold titanium alloy coating to the vital copper condenser coil fins protects the outdoor unit from long term corrosion and keeps the heat exchanger performing efficiently even in harsh or coastal conditions. This is a unique protective advantage compared to competing models without gold fin or other anti-corrosion treatments.

Auto-Clean Bio Filter

Traiden systems ship standard with washable long-life photocatalyst air filters that breakdown microbial contaminants with UV light energy. Models with electric heat also include built-in self-cleaning technology to prevent dust buildup and keep airflow obstruction minimal.

By embedding innovative features into these mini splits, Traiden ensures ongoing comfort, energy savings, and minimal repairs over years of operation.

Conclusion – Get Traiden Mini Splits from the Source

When shopping around for mini split air conditioners and heat pumps, it helps understand where those products originate. While the Traiden brand was created specifically for North America, the underlying engineering, manufacturing, and technological innovation comes straight from the international HVAC leader Midea.

Traiden mini splits undergo state-of-the-art production processes in Midea Group factories matched with stringent testing protocols. Optimized components plus exclusive features like gold fin protection demonstrate the care put into these systems built to last. With strong capacity selections from 9,000 to 36,000 BTU backed by warranties up to 10 years, Traiden offers compelling mini split solutions for homeowners that want reliable, efficient comfort without ductwork frustrations.

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