Who Makes Mr Cool Air Conditioners? An In-Depth Look

If you’ve done any research into ductless mini split air conditioning systems, chances are you’ve heard about MrCool. As one of the most popular ductless heat pump brands on the market today, MrCool has earned recognition for its high-efficiency, affordable systems that work great for home and business owners looking to add air conditioning to specific rooms or zones.

But despite the brand’s growing name recognition, one question still gets asked a lot: who actually makes MrCool air conditioners? In this in-depth blog post, we’ll take a close look at the MrCool brand, examine who manufactures its air conditioner products, and outline some key company history and background information.

An Introduction to MrCool

First, let’s start with some quick background on the MrCool brand itself. MrCool launched its innovative ductless heat pumps in 2012 after recognizing that millions of homes weren’t properly equipped with adequate cooling and heating solutions.

Positioning itself as an industry disruptor from the start, the MrCool brand focused extensively on making ductless HVAC technology far more affordable and accessible to the average homeowner. The idea was that by drastically improving the price-to-performance ratio, MrCool could expand the ductless mini split market to whole new segments of residential customers.

And their strategy appears to have worked. In just over a decade, MrCool has become one of the fastest growing heating and cooling brands in North America. They offer DIY-friendly mini split systems which come with universal fittings and online videos to guide homeowners through self-installation. This allows consumers to install MrCool systems on their own without requiring expensive professional assistance – which in turn allows MrCool to offer some of the lowest system pricing on the market.

The MrCool Manufacturing Process

the mrcool manufacturing process
The MrCool Manufacturing Process

MrCool air conditioners and heat pumps are designed and engineered in the United States. However, to produce their equipment at mass scale and keep up with market demand, MrCool leverages one of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers of ductless systems.

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MrCool’s manufacturing partner is Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, an air conditioning giant commonly regarded as the world’s largest specialized air conditioning enterprise. Founded in China 1991, Gree has risen over the past few decades to become globally recognized as HVAC powerhouse:

  • GREE owns over 50 subsidiaries, over 200 overseas branches and serves customers in over 160 countries
  • With reported yearly revenue around $16 billion USD, GREE is the world’s largest specialized air conditioning company
  • Recognized with over 50,000 active patents and industry awards from organizations like the United Nations
  • Employs over 70,000 people worldwide across every continent

Simply put, when it comes to resources, logistics infrastructure, manufacturing capacity and experience building world-class heating and cooling systems, very companies can compete with Gree. And that’s a huge asset given MrCool’s desire to make residential mini split air conditioning as affordable and accessible as possible.

By leveraging Gree’s enormous economies of scale, supply chain infrastructure, and expertise producing quality HVAC systems, MrCool is able equip its innovative products with leading componentry and technology without compromising on price or availability to consumers. Gree gives MrCool the production firepower needed to achieve rapid business growth and category disruption.

MrCool Innovates, Gree Manufactures

To summarize the relationship: the MrCool brand focuses its efforts on product innovation, design thinking, and improving the customer experience. MrCool engineers next-generation air conditioning systems from the ground up based around simplicity, efficiency, and integration.

Gree then handles manufacturing the MrCool-designed products to strict specifications using world-class internationally certified production facilities. It’s a powerful partnership that allows both companies to concentrate on what they do best.

Major Gree manufacturing facilities involved in producing MrCool heating and cooling equipment include:

  • Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai headquarters (China)
  • Gree Guangdong Zhuhai Manufacturing Center (China)
  • Gree Henan Air Conditioner General Factory (China)
  • Gree Overseas Manufacturing facilities (Vietnam, Brazil as examples)
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With Greeks global manufacturing dominance and reach into world markets, MrCool is able tap into facilities across multiple continents to ramp up inventory production and availability.

Key Attributes of Gree Manufacturing

As the leading original equipment manufacturer behind MrCool mini split systems, Gree is known across the air conditioning industry for the following core manufacturing strengths:

Strict Quality Management Processes – Gree facilities utilize advanced quality control technology along every step of the production line, along with ISO-aligned management standards enforced across factory floors. This results in some of the lowest HVAC defect and failure rates in the world.

Mass Production Capabilities – Gree boasts the world’s largest single air conditioning production base (spanning 6.6 million square meters) with the capacity to manufacture up to 65 million air conditioning units annually if required by market demand. This empowers very rapid production scaling.

5 Major R&D Centers – Continued investment into advancing technologies, supported by 5000+ engineers and technicians employed to identify innovations across software, hardware manufacturing and more.

180 Global Subsidiaries – Vast global distribution and support infrastructure ensures MrCool systems are accessible to customers worldwide and that ongoing regional technical assistance is available.

International Certifications – Gree facilities meet stringent international standards for quality management and safety processes. Certifications are maintained across iso standards, AHRI, ETL, CE, UL, and more.

The breadth of Gree’s infrastructure and cumulative experience producing air conditioners is practically unrivaled. By selecting Gree as their ductless system manufacturing partner, MrCool is able tap directly into world-leading logistics, supply chains and production capabilities.

Why Outsourcing Manufacturing Matters for MrCool

why outsourcing manufacturing matters for mrcool
Why Outsourcing Manufacturing Matters for MrCool

The key question one might ask is: if MrCool systems are designed in the USA, why outsource manufacturing to an overseas partner like Gree? Wouldn’t it be better to build the systems locally?

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The reality is outsourcing manufacturing to Gree offers MrCool fundamentally critical advantages that likely wouldn’t be possible if relying solely on US-based production:

Lower Costs – Gree’s enormous global economies of scale directly translate into reduced Bill of Materials expenses and overhead for MrCool – savings passed down to consumers.

Faster Innovation – Gree’s expertise and resources invested into advancing HVAC technologies accelerates new feature development.

Mass Production Capabilities – Gree facilities can scale output exponentially faster compared to nearly any US factories.

Global Distribution Infrastructure – Gree gives MrCool instant worldwide logistical reach, growing international expansion opportunities.

By not getting bogged down running its own US-based manufacturing plants, MrCool is able focus investments directly into its strengths like engineering, supply chain logistics, ecommerce infrastructure, and training programs for installation partners. Outsourcing manufacturing to Gree grants a level of speed, scalability and cost efficiency very difficult to match via any other route.

Our Verdict: A Powerful USA-China Partnership

When it comes to answering the question “Who makes MrCool air conditioners?”, the reality is MrCool strategically partners with Gree, leveraging the manufacturing giant’s globally leading economies of scale, supply chains and production infrastructure to bring innovative ductless heating and cooling systems rapidly to market.

It’s a collaboration that certainly seems win-win. MrCool provides creative direction by engineering advanced new ductless HVAC solutions with American homes in mind. And Gree serves as the world-class production engine that manufactures MrCool-designed systems at massive scale.

Together, the two industry disruptors make an extraordinarily capable team – which is likely why MrCool managed to become one of the fastest growing air conditioning brands across America. Although outsourcing manufacturing overseas was likely once controversial, this USA-China partnership demonstrates that a some globalized strategies ultimately let innovative American HVAC companies accelerate growth in new categories.

By focusing resources into product design and the customer experience while leveraging Gree’s manufacturing excellence, MrCool manages to deliver premium quality at non-premium price points. For homeowners specifically seeking affordable ductless comfort solutions, it’s game-changing value.

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