Who Makes Luxaire Air Conditioners? A Complete Brand Origins Explainer

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you may have come across the Luxaire brand. Known for its reliable and energy-efficient home cooling systems, Luxaire offers both central air conditioners and ductless mini-split units. But despite its status as a major HVAC manufacturer, many homeowners wonder: who makes Luxaire air conditioners?

As it turns out, Luxaire has an interesting history that informs its current reputation for quality. Read on to learn all about the Luxaire brand’s origins and its rise to become one of the most trusted names in air conditioning.

Luxaire’s Early History

While today it’s owned by a large corporation, Luxaire started out as a small-scale HVAC manufacturer. The company began operating in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1954 under the name The Furnace Factory. Known originally for its gas furnaces, The Furnace Factory was launched by two enthusiastic engineers named Charles Armstrong and Bernard Jahnke.

The pair dedicated themselves to designing and producing reliable and efficient home heating products. As their furnace products gained success throughout the Midwest, The Furnace Factory expanded into other HVAC offerings, like air conditioners and heat pumps. Before long, the company was growing rapidly and even opened some satellite facilities to help meet rising demand.

Launch of the Luxaire Brand

launch of the luxaire brand
Launch of the Luxaire Brand

By 1967, The Furnace Factory’s wide range of HVAC products was gaining national attention. To aid their expanding business, Armstrong and Jahnke decided that their company needed a new name with greater brand recognition across North America.

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They settled on “Luxaire” – a memorable name evoking ideas of luxurious airflow and breathing fresh air. Along with the new name came increased investment in developing cutting-edge cooling systems featuring better technology and higher energy efficiency than many competing products.

Rapid Growth & Advancing Innovation

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Luxaire cementing itself as an industry innovator while expanding distribution across America. The company released some of the first residential air handlers with aluminized steel construction for increased lasts long and corrosion resistance. They also launched efficient evaporator coil designs paired with reliable condensing units. Many of Luxaire’s air conditioning products boasted high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER scores) for their time.

By embracing new technologies and efficiency standards, Luxaire systems quickly earned praise from contractors and homeowners. Their featured innovations allowed Luxaire air conditioners to better control humidity, improve air filtration, and reduce energy consumption costs. The brand became known for high-quality, long-lasting AC units that kept homes cool while saving money.

Luxaire Joins a Leading HVAC Conglomerate

Luxaire’s reputation for innovation attracted the attention of major HVAC corporations, and in 1994, the brand was acquired by the newly formed York International. Backed by well-known air quality brands like Coleman and Fraser-Johnston, York was rapidly growing into an HVAC powerhouse.

The company invested heavily in improving Luxaire’s selection of air conditioning products. During the 2000s and beyond, Luxaire released SmartSense technology to automatically adjust cooling output based on conditions – helping homeowners save on summer utility costs. They also developed whole-home dehumidifier functions, onboard coil corrosion protection, compatible smart thermostats, and advanced air filtration systems.

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Under York’s ownership, Luxaire continues its long tradition of engineering excellence while incorporating the latest cooling technologies. The trusted brand operates numerous manufacturing and distribution facilities across the U.S. and Canada while exporting products worldwide. With the resources of a dominating HVAC corporation backing it, Luxaire is positioned to remain an industry leader for decades to come.

Luxaire Air Conditioners Today: Quality from Start to Finish

luxaire air conditioners today quality from start to finish
Luxaire Air Conditioners Today: Quality from Start to Finish

Now an integral part of the Johnson Controls family of brands following that company’s acquisition of York in 2005, Luxaire continues churning out top-rated central AC systems and ductless mini splits every year. Contractors and consumers can count on thorough quality testing and strict performance evaluations.

Many Luxaire air conditioners achieve ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient designation – meaning they perform among the top tier of products for saving energy. The brand also manufactures products certified under the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) specifications for their advanced humidity control capabilities via precise refrigerant metering.

From early design prototyping to final off-the-line checks, Luxaire maintains stringent standards to guarantee robust and reliable operation. Their innovative Comfort Alert diagnostics even enable homeowners and technicians to proactively monitor system health and runtime efficiency.

No matter which Luxaire air conditioner, coil, or furnace homeowners choose, they can always expect forward-thinking features focused on better temperature control, energy savings, and long equipment lifespan. Backed by York/Johnson Controls and their world-class supply chain, Luxaire’s quality reputation seems rock solid.

Shopping for Luxaire Systems? Check Out These Top Models

Clearly, Luxaire air conditioners benefit from the resources and HVAC expertise of their parent companies. If you’re interested in a new Luxaire AC system for your home but aren’t sure where to start, check out some of their best air conditioner products currently available:

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Luxaire Acclimate 16 SEER Air Conditioner: Featuring SmartSense technology, a corrosion-resistant composite base pan, and compatible with Luxaire Comfort Alert diagnostics, the Acclimate achieves up to 16.5 SEER energy efficiency. Its two-stage Copeland Scroll UltraTechTM compressor optimizes performance across cooling demands.

Luxaire Infinity 19 Air Conditioner: For the ultimate in home climate control, the Infinity 19 boasts variable-capacity Inverter compressor technology andActivAir purification systems. Its modulating operation precisely matches current conditions for efficiency up to 19 SEER, while dual refrigerant circuits provide outstanding reliability.

Luxaire Elite Series Ductless Mini Split: For zoned cooling applications, Luxaire offers its Elite Series of mini split air conditioners featuring up to 23 SEER and advanced Vapor Injection technologies. Elite mini splits come with modern wall-mounted controllers and flexible configurations to target specific rooms. Certain models work down to -22°F in heat pump heating mode.

Get Expert Assistance Choosing Your Next Luxaire

With over 55 years of HVAC innovation, Luxaire has established itself as a premium home comfort brand. Their air conditioners come packed with advanced features focused on energy efficiency, performance dependability, humidity control, healthy air quality, and ease of service. Plus, their continuous expansion into ductless mini splits gives homeowners an array of modern cooling options.

To select the best Luxaire air conditioner for your needs and budget, consult with your local HVAC contractor. Their team of experts can help assess your home’s requirements and narrow down equipment options. Doing your cooling system research is the first step—let the pros handle the rest! From quick installation to future maintenance, you can count on quality and reliability thanks to Luxaire’s longstanding tradition of engineering excellence across all their products.

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