Who Makes Airtemp HVAC Units? A Comprehensive Guide

Who Makes Airtemp HVAC Units

In the vast realm of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, Airtemp emerges as a prominent name. However, the burning question remains – Who Makes Airtemp HVAC Units? Here, we are set to dive deep into the heritage, innovation, and legacy of Airtemp, answering this crucial query and enlightening you about the details of this esteemed HVAC brand.

Who Makes Airtemp HVAC Units? The Verdict

Airtemp, a recognized name in the HVAC world, is a product of the industrial giant, Ingersoll Rand. With a track record spanning centuries, Ingersoll Rand has cemented its reputation in crafting state-of-the-art HVAC solutions, with Airtemp being one of its crown jewels.

A Glimpse into Airtemp’s Rich Heritage

The inception of Airtemp can be traced back to 1934, under the visionary leadership of the Chrysler Corporation. Just a few years later, in 1938, it transitioned under the aegis of Briggs Manufacturing Company. This journey continued until 1986 when Ingersoll Rand took the reigns, merging Airtemp into its expansive industrial portfolio.

However, it wasn’t just these acquisitions that defined Airtemp. Instead, it was their unwavering commitment to innovation.

Innovations That Set the Benchmark

Airtemp, even in its nascent years, showcased an innate knack for groundbreaking solutions in the HVAC space. 1937 marked a monumental year for the brand when they pioneered the capacity regulator. This invention revolutionized the efficiency of compressors, allowing them to operate based on the required load instead of always running at peak.

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Another milestone was achieved in 1938 when Airtemp showcased the world’s first self-contained air conditioning units. Such advancements only solidified Airtemp’s standing as a trailblazer in the HVAC sector.

Fast forward to today, and Airtemp stands tall as a foremost producer of both residential and commercial HVAC units. Their range of products is synonymous with top-tier quality, unparalleled energy efficiency, and unbeatable reliability.

Features and Benefits of Airtemp HVAC Units: A Class Apart

Features and Benefits of Airtemp HVAC Units: A Class Apart

Navigating through the expansive world of HVAC solutions can be daunting. Yet, with Airtemp, you’re always assured of certain features and benefits that set them a class apart.

  1. Energy Efficiency at Its Best: Reducing your carbon footprint while simultaneously slashing those escalating utility bills is no longer a dream. Airtemp’s HVAC units are meticulously designed to champion energy efficiency, translating into tangible savings for homeowners.
  2. Built to Endure: Reliability isn’t just a buzzword for Airtemp. It’s a promise. Each HVAC unit rolling out under the Airtemp brand is rigorously tested to ensure longevity. Moreover, to back this commitment, they come armed with a robust set of warranties, safeguarding your investment for the years to come.
  3. Optimal Comfort All Year Round: Whether it’s the biting cold of winter or the sweltering heat of summer, Airtemp HVAC units maintain an ambient environment within your home. They’re fine-tuned to cater to diverse climatic conditions, ensuring utmost comfort 365 days a year.
  4. Peaceful Living with Quiet Operation: No more grappling with the incessant hum of HVAC units. Airtemp takes pride in crafting solutions that are as silent as a whisper. Their state-of-the-art design minimizes noise, ensuring that you can relax and rejuvenate in your sanctuary, undisturbed.
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These virtues make Airtemp HVAC units not just a purchase but an investment into a future of comfort, savings, and peace.

Diverse Offerings: The Types of Airtemp HVAC Units

Airtemp isn’t just about a singular product or solution. It’s about catering to a plethora of needs, ensuring every homeowner finds their perfect fit. Let’s decode the expansive range of HVAC units offered by Airtemp.

1. Central Air Conditioners:

The sweltering heat stands no chance against Airtemp’s central air conditioning units. Engineered to perfection, these units cool your entire abode efficiently, making sure every corner is bathed in comfort.

2. Heat Pumps:

The dual nature of Airtemp’s heat pumps makes them a coveted choice among homeowners. They don’t just cool; they also heat your space when the mercury drops, showcasing unparalleled versatility and energy efficiency.

3. Furnaces:

When the chill of winter tries to breach the sanctity of your home, Airtemp furnaces rise to the occasion. Offering reliable and efficient heating, they ensure your space remains a haven of warmth.

4. Air Handlers:

Working in tandem with central air conditioners and heat pumps, Airtemp air handlers play a pivotal role in circulating conditioned air throughout your living space. Their seamless integration ensures the uniform distribution of comfort.

Choosing the Ideal Airtemp HVAC Unit for Your Abode

Choosing the Ideal Airtemp HVAC Unit for Your Abode

Selecting the perfect HVAC unit isn’t just about the specifications; it’s about understanding your unique requirements. Here are some guidelines to help you make an informed choice:

1. Size Matters:

HVAC units are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on the expanse of your living space, Airtemp offers units in various sizes. It’s pivotal to match the capacity of the HVAC unit to the size of your home for optimal performance.

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2. Consider Your Climate:

Whether you reside in an area with blistering summers or freezing winters, the climate plays a significant role in determining the type of HVAC unit you need. Airtemp units are versatile, designed to function optimally in diverse climatic conditions.

3. Budgetary Constraints:

Quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium. Airtemp’s range spans across various price points, ensuring that quality HVAC solutions are accessible to all, irrespective of budgetary constraints.

Procuring Your Airtemp HVAC Unit: The Whereabouts

Airtemp has made its presence felt across a broad spectrum of retailers. Whether you prefer the personalized service of heating and cooling contractors, the convenience of hardware stores, or the vast expanse of online retailers, Airtemp HVAC units are within your reach.

In Conclusion: Airtemp – The Gold Standard in HVAC Solutions

With a legacy that spans decades, Airtemp has etched its name in the annals of HVAC history. Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them the preferred choice for countless homeowners.

Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, reliability, or simply the comfort of a perfectly conditioned space, Airtemp stands tall as the beacon of excellence in HVAC solutions.

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  • Airtemp Warranty Details: Assurance comes with every Airtemp purchase. For in-depth details about the warranties on offer, the Airtemp website is your go-to resource.

Choose Airtemp, choose excellence!

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