Unlocking the Secrets of the Goodman Air Conditioner Age Code

If you have a Goodman air conditioner or heat pump, you may have noticed a series of letters and numbers printed on the unit that look like some kind of secret code. This sequence of characters is actually the product’s age code and can provide useful information about your Goodman system if you know how to interpret it properly.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what the Goodman age code means, how to decipher it, and how it can help you estimate the age and track service history of your Goodman air conditioner or heat pump.

What is the Goodman Age Code?

The Goodman age code is a product identification code that all air conditioning and heat pump units are imprinted with during manufacturing. This code was first introduced in the early 1980s as a way for Goodman — one of the largest HVAC equipment manufacturers in North America — to track products for quality control, registration, and warranty purposes.

The age code is typically printed on a sticker or metal plate attached to the side, front, or inside of a Goodman unit. It’s formatted as a series of between 9 and 12 alphabetical and numerical characters, such as:


G1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Let’s break down what each section of the code means:

Positions 1-2: Manufacturing Plant Code The first two digits signify which Goodman manufacturing facility produced the unit. Codes include:

  • 10 – Fayetteville, TN
  • 13 – Houston, TX
  • 14 – Phoenix, AZ

Position 3: Month of Production This character identifies the month the unit was manufactured, using letters A through L to represent the 12 months of the year from January (A) to December (L).

Positions 4-5: Year of Production These numbers indicate the year that the Goodman air conditioner or heat pump was produced. Typically this is a two-digit code representing the last two numbers of the year. For example, 05 would signify 2005.

Positions 6-7: Product Type Code These letters disclose what kind of heating and cooling product the code represents. Common Goodman product type codes include:

  • AD – Air Conditioner
  • BD – Heat Pump
  • PH – Gas Furnace

Positions 8-12: Serial Number The last five digits form the unit’s unique serial number, starting from 00001 at the beginning of each new year.

So for the model number 1013X123456…

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The 10 means the unit was made in the Fayetteville, TN plant. The 1 stands for January. The 3 signifies the production year 2023. The X is a code for an air conditioning product. And the 123456 identifies this specific a/c unit’s serial number.

How to Decode Your Goodman Age Code

how to decode your goodman age code
How to Decode Your Goodman Age Code

Have a Goodman air conditioner or heat pump on your hands but can’t quite crack the age code printed on it? Not to worry – just follow these 3 simple steps to discover key details about your unit’s age and background:

Step 1: Locate the Code Start by finding the 9 to 12-digit alpha-numeric sequence printed on a sticker or plate on your Goodman unit. It contains upper and lower case letters and numbers. If you cannot easily find the code, check the left or right side panel, inside the control box cover, or on the blower fan housing.

Step 2: Identify Code Positions As covered earlier, the first several spots disclose the manufacturing plant, month, and year of production, while the later ones signify model type and unique serial number. So for code “1013X123456” – “10” is plant, “1” is month, “13” is year, “X” signifies product type, and “123456” is the serial.

Step 3: Translate the Code Finally, translate the various code positions into useful information about your system’s origins and age using the decoding guidelines provided above:

  • 10: Fayetteville Plant
  • 1: January
  • 13: Year 2023
  • X: Air Conditioner Product
  • 123456: Serial Number

Following those simple decoding steps makes breaking the Goodman age code a breeze!

How Old is My Goodman Air Conditioner?

Once you’ve cracked the Goodman unit age code, you can quickly calculate just how old your air conditioner or heat pump is.

Let’s say your Goodman’s serial number is:


Following the decoding process reveals:

  • 10 – Fayetteville manufacturing plant
  • 1 – January
  • 13 – Production year 2023

So this tells you the unit was produced in January 2023 at the Goodman facility in Fayetteville, making your air conditioner less than one year old!

Having the installation date of your Goodman system makes determining age even easier. For instance, if you know your a/c unit was put in during August 2022, and the age code reads “1012X123456” – decoding it shows production year 2012 – then simple math reveals your air conditioner was approximately 10 years old at the time of installation.

What If My Unit Doesn’t Have an Age Code?

While all newer Goodman units feature an encoded product identification stamp, some older models may not have one. So then how can you find out the age?

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Here are a few tips for dating your Goodman device without a serial number:

  • Check paperwork or receipts from when the unit was originally installed to see if a model or serial number is listed, which you can then cross-reference with manufacturing dates.
  • Look up the model number usually found on a separate sticker on the cabinet or blower housing to pinpoint the production year.
  • Inspect physical attributes of the unit – older systems tend to show more wear-and-tear and have different style control boxes, vents, etc. compared to newer models.
  • Hire an HVAC technician to inspect the a/c unit and provide an estimate on its age based on wear and unit attributes.

Learning your Goodman air conditioner’s user manual publish date can also provide a ballpark figure for the general age range.

While lacking an encoded serial number makes determining the precise age tricky, the above methods can still get you an approximate idea of how old your unlabeled Goodman system likely is.

How to Use Goodman’s Age Code for Maintenance & Repairs

There are several valuable ways that unlocking the details within your Goodman unit’s age code can assist with maintenance, repairs, and ongoing service:

  1. Identify Expected Service Lifespan

HVAC systems normally last between 10-15 years, though goods units frequently provide reliable performance for over 20 with proper maintenance. Knowing your Goodman device’s age lets you estimate how much longer it may last before requiring replacement.

  1. Predict Potential Issues

Typical air conditioner problems correspond closely with equipment age. Familiarizing yourself with common issues for Goodman units at your system’s age helps you proactively spot problems. A technician can recommend age-specific maintenance to improve longevity.

  1. Determine Warranty Status

New Goodman units come with generous 10-year parts and compressor warranties. Decoding the serial number provides manufacturing date details to check if your unit still falls within the original warranty duration for full coverage on repairs.

  1. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Goodman recommends completing seasonal tune-ups for optimal performance. Once aware of your AC unit’s age, you can determine the best timings for preventative maintenance each year to enhance longevity.

In general, the older your system, the more prone to wear issues and higher servicing needs. Deciphering your Goodman’s age code lets you align maintenance with expected lifecycle stages for maximal functionality through the years.

Goodman Air Conditioner Age Code FAQs

goodman air conditioner age code faqs
Goodman Air Conditioner Age Code FAQs

Still have some lingering questions about locating and decoding your system’s Goodman serial number? Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do I find the serial number on my Goodman air conditioner?

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Goodman encodes each device produced with a unique 9 to 12-digit age code, usually printed on a sticker or plate on the left or right cabinet side, control panel cover interior, blower fan housing, or base pan.

What if I bought my Goodman unit used or the code sticker is missing/faded?

For used goods with faded or missing labels, check all papers from original installation for possible serial number listings. You can also search model details visible elsewhere on the system to estimate age range. Removing cover panels to check interior housing stickers is another option.

What does the manufacturing plant code mean in the serial number?

The first two digits signify where the specific Goodman device was assembled. Codes like 10 denote their Fayetteville, TN facility, 14 represents Phoenix, AZ, and so forth. This plant code allows precise tracking of all units produced at each location.

My AC is over 10 years old – can I still use the serial to find age and details?

Absolutely! All Goodman units manufactured from the early 80’s onward receive a stamped age code during production. So unless your system pre-dates the 1980’s, decoding the serial number provides exact production year information to determine age, even for older units.

How can I use my Goodman’s age to maintain or service it better?

Knowing your Goodman air conditioner’s age allows you to better predict maintenance needs, estimate lifespan, schedule preventative tune-ups, spot potential aging issues early, and determine if costly breakdowns are due to expected wear-and-tear or defective parts still under warranty.

Here are some tips for leveraging your unit’s age details:

  • Reference Goodman’s recommended maintenance checklist for systems of that age to ensure you complete all suggested tasks each year
  • Use the production year to calculate whether your unit still falls within Goodman’s 10-year warranty period to save on repairs
  • Set reminders for seasonal tune-ups based on the month/year of manufacture date instead of installation date for optimal timing
  • Research the average lifespan of your specific Goodman model online to forecast eventual replacement date
  • Note any newer or upgraded model numbers of similar Goodman products to compare and spot older or obsolete components
  • Identify parts likely requiring higher inspection/replacement due to wear based on your AC unit’s age

In summary, decoding and tracking details embedded within your Goodman air conditioner’s age code provides greater control over maintenance expenditures, repair costs, and operational lifespans through improved scheduling and lifespan planning.

Leveraging manufacture date information as an early detection system for aging issues also minimizes surprise breakdowns. Combined with periodic tune-ups, it can help ensure your aging but still-functional Goodman system provides comfort for your home well into the future.

Let me know if you need any other details on utilizing your AC unit’s age code for optimal operational planning or have additional questions!

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