How to Turn Off Sleep Mode on Your Thermostat

Are you frustrated that your thermostat keeps turning off at night or when you’re away at work? Having your thermostat enter sleep mode can be a great way to save energy, but sometimes it’s nice to keep the temperature constant. Fortunately, turning off sleep mode is easy on most programmable thermostats. In this article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process so you can take control of your home’s temperature.

What is Sleep Mode?

Before going into how to disable it, let’s briefly go over what sleep mode is. Sleep mode is an energy-saving setting on many programmable thermostats.

The thermostat is programmed to enter sleep mode during certain time periods, usually at night when you are sleeping or away during the daytime. In sleep mode, the thermostat will let the temperature fluctuate within a wider range – generally letting it get cooler at night or warmer during the day.

For example, you may program your thermostat to be 70°F normally, but in sleep mode allow it to drop to 65°F. This helps reduce energy usage when you need the temperature control less. Sleep mode is a great feature for saving money on bills.

However, sometimes it can be annoying if you want to maintain a constant comfortable temperature. The good news is sleep mode can be easily disabled on most models.

Why Would You Want to Turn Off Sleep Mode?

why would you want to turn off sleep mode
Why Would You Want to Turn Off Sleep Mode?

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to disable the sleep mode on your thermostat:

  • You have a newborn or elderly family members – Maintaining a constant temperature is important for babies or older adults. The wider fluctuations of sleep mode may not be comfortable or advisable.
  • You work from home – If you work from home, having the temperature drop significantly during the day while you’re working can be unpleasant.
  • You have pets at home – Pets can be sensitive to temperature changes as well. Disabling sleep mode creates a more stable environment.
  • You sleep hot or cold – We all have different comfort preferences. If you get too hot or cold with the wider ranges of sleep mode, it’s better to keep a fixed temp.
  • You don’t want to wake up – The temperature differential of sleep mode kicking in may wake you up in the middle of the night. Keeping a fixed temperature leads to better sleep.
  • You want convenience – Maybe you just don’t want to bother programming sleep mode times and temps. Turning it off is simpler.
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Whatever your reasons, turning off sleep mode is easy on most thermostats. Let’s go through the step-by-step process for different brands.

How to Disable Sleep Mode on a Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell is one of the most popular thermostat brands. Most Honeywell programmable thermostats have a sleep mode that can be turned off. Here are the steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the thermostat to enter the main menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select “Settings” and press “Select” or “OK” to enter settings.
  3. Go to the “Program” submenu.
  4. Select “Sleep” and choose “Off” to disable sleep mode programming.
  5. You will likely get a confirmation message asking if you want to turn sleep mode off. Press “Yes” to confirm.
  6. Return to the main screen. Sleep mode times should now be deactivated.

Some Honeywell models may bury the sleep mode setting a little deeper in the menu. If you don’t see it in the above steps, search through the options for a “Comfort Settings” or similar menu. Just look for the setting labeled “Sleep” and turn it to Off.

Once disabled, your Honeywell thermostat will maintain the set temperature 24/7.

Turning Off Sleep Mode on Nest Thermostats

Nest is another very popular smart thermostat. Here is how to turn off Nest’s version of sleep mode:

  1. In the Nest app on your smartphone, go to the Menu > Settings > Schedule.
  2. Select each time period you have currently programmed for sleep mode. The default is usually something like “10 pm to 6 am”.
  3. For each sleep period, change the temperature cool and heat setpoints to match your normal awake temperatures.
  4. This will disable the temperature fluctuations during sleep periods.
  5. You can also delete the scheduled sleep periods completely if desired. Just select “Delete” when viewing the period.
  6. Return to the main Nest app screen. Sleep adjustments should now be deactivated.
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Through the app you can customize Nest’s sleep mode as much as you want or turn it off completely. The web-based interface has similar options for adjusting scheduled temperature changes.

How to Turn Off Sleep Mode on Ecobee Thermostats

Like its competitors, Ecobee has a sleep mode to save energy during sleeping hours. Here’s how to disable it on Ecobee models:

  1. Access your Ecobee web portal or mobile app.
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  3. Click on “Schedules & Smart Home/Away”.
  4. Select your existing sleep schedule. The default is usually midnight to 6 am.
  5. Modify the cool and heat setpoints to be the same temperatures as your normal daytime schedule.
  6. You can also delete the scheduled sleep period completely if preferred.
  7. Return to the Ecobee dashboard. Sleep mode temperature fluctuations will now be disabled.

Through the Ecobee app or web portal, sleep mode can be fully customized or turned off as needed. Follow the same steps to adjust any other scheduled setpoint changes you don’t want.

How to Disable Sleep Mode on Other Popular Thermostats

Here are some quick steps for turning off sleep mode on other common thermostat brands:

Carrier – Go to Menu > Scheduling > Schedule Options > Sleep and set to “Off”

Lux – Under “Advanced” select “Sleep Cycle” and change to “No Sleep Cycle”

Emerson – Go to Settings > Schedule Options > Sleep Mode and select “Disabled”

Aprilaire – Under “Schedule” choose each sleep period, hit Clear, then “Done”

Trane – Select “Schedules” > “Comfort” and set all periods to the same cool/heat temps

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Lennox – Go to “Schedule” > “Comfort Schedule” and delete any listed sleep periods

Aube – Select “Schedule” > “Schedule Mode” > “Bypass” to disable all events

Check your thermostat manufacturer’s instructions for exact menu navigation, but disabling sleep mode is generally straightforward. Just access the scheduling or program settings and delete or modify any listed sleep periods.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some quick troubleshooting tips if you can’t seem to turn off your thermostat’s sleep mode:

  • Carefully check all menu options and settings names – sleep mode may be labeled differently
  • Try resetting the thermostat to factory defaults then reprogramming without sleep periods
  • Check your thermostat manual or contact manufacturer support for assistance
  • As a last resort, you can set all scheduled setpoints to be identical to temporarily disable fluctuations

With most models, clearly identifying and turning off the “sleep” mode or schedule should stop temperature swings overnight or when away.

Use Your Thermostat More Effectively

use your thermostat more effectively
Use Your Thermostat More Effectively

Adjusting your thermostat’s settings to suit your exact needs is important. Here are some final tips for making the most of your programmable thermostat:

  • Set weekday and weekend schedules differently based on your routine
  • Account for seasonal temperature changes by updating setpoints
  • Use smart learning features to automate temp adjustments
  • Ensure the thermostat is in a good location away from drafts or direct sunlight
  • Program a vacation mode to conserve energy if away for long periods
  • Get any malfunctioning thermostat professionally serviced to avoid bigger problems

Taking the time to personalize your thermostat will help you save energy while staying comfortable. Disabling sleep mode is one key way to better control temperatures according to your preferences.


I hope this article has helped explain what sleep mode is and given you clear instructions for turning it off on all the popular thermostat brands. While sleep mode can serve a purpose for saving energy, it’s simple to disable if you want accurate temperature control 24/7.

Carefully managing your thermostat’s settings gives you greater comfort and helps lower utility costs. Check that your unit is programmed optimally for your usage patterns. Turning off unwanted sleep mode fluctuations is an easy thermostat tweak that can make your home environment perfect.

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