Cannot Connect Your Gree Air Conditioner to Wi-Fi? Here is How to Fix it

Having connectivity issues getting your Gree air conditioner connected to your home Wi-Fi network? You’re not alone. Many people struggle to pair their smart Gree AC units to Wi-Fi, preventing them from using the useful Gree+ app remote control features. But don’t sweat it (literally)! In this blog post, we’ll walk through the troubleshooting steps to get your Gree air conditioner hooked up to Wi-Fi in no time.

Introduction – Why Connect Your Gree AC to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your Gree air conditioning system to your home Wi-Fi offers some great benefits that make it worth the effort of setting up:

  • Remote Control Via App – The Gree+ app allows you to access and change your AC settings from anywhere with cell service or an internet connection. Adjust modes, fans speeds, temperatures and more all from your smartphone.
  • Voice Control – Connecting to Wi-Fi also enables voice control through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, etc. Change settings with just your voice!
  • Scheduled Operation – Create customized schedules to tell your AC when to turn on/off automatically. Set it to cool your home right before you get home from work on hot summer days.
  • Energy Monitoring – View real-time energy usage data to better understand costs and identify savings opportunities. Some Gree AC units even suggest ways to use less energy.
  • Fault Alerts – If something goes wrong with your unit, you’ll get an instant notification on your phone rather than finding out when you get home. This allows you to get HVAC service scheduled ASAP.

So Wi-Fi connectivity unlocks a ton of potential for your Gree smart air conditioner. But what do you do if you just can’t quite get it to connect? Follow along below for step-by-step troubleshooting.

Prerequisites – What You’ll Need Before Connecting Your Gree AC to Wi-Fi

prerequisites what youll need before connecting your gree ac to wi fi
Prerequisites – What You’ll Need Before Connecting Your Gree AC to Wi-Fi

Before jumping into troubleshooting, make sure you have the following ready to go to give yourself the best chance of successfully connecting:

  • Gree AC Unit – Your Gree air conditioning system must be a compatible smart Wi-Fi model. All Gree systems labeled “Gree+” should work. Check the unit specifications to confirm Wi-Fi capability.
  • Strong Wi-Fi Signal – The AC unit should be installed in a location with a strong 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi signal from your router. The signal strength is displayed as 1-4 bars in the connection settings on the AC remote.
  • Gree+ App – Download the latest version of the official Gree+ smart AC app for your iPhone, Android or tablet. This is required for the Wi-Fi setup process.
  • Gree Account – You’ll need a Gree cloud services account to connect to the infrastructure that enables app control. Sign up within the Gree+ app itself.
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As long as you satisfy the above conditions, you should be ready to start working through Wi-Fi connection issues…

Troubleshooting Tip #1: Reboot Your Gree AC Unit

Before tackling more complex troubleshooting, try simply turning the power off and back on again for your Gree AC system. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the power switch on the outside condenser unit and turn it to the “off” position.
  2. Wait 10-15 seconds.
  3. Flip the switch back to the “on” position.
  4. Open the Gree+ app and try re-connecting to Wi-Fi from the AC remote control.

Surprisingly, sometimes a basic reboot is all that’s needed to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems with finicky air conditioners and electronics in general.

If that was too easy and your Gree AC still won’t connect to the internet, don’t worry. Keep following along below for more troubleshooting suggestions.

Troubleshooting Tip #2: Reinstall the Gree+ App

Glitchy mobile apps can also prevent successfully pairing your Gree air conditioning unit to Wi-Fi, even when your network itself works fine for other devices.

To rule out a bad install of the Gree+ app, uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy:

  1. Delete the Gree+ app from your mobile device (iPhone, Android, etc).
  2. On the app store for your device, download and install the latest version of Gree+.
  3. Login to your Gree cloud services account within the newly installed app.
  4. Navigate to the Wi-Fi pairing section and try to connect your AC unit again.

This simple reinstall can fix corrupt files or cached data that may be crashing the app mid-pairing. Fingers crossed uninstalling and re-downloading Gree+ did the trick for you!

If not, don’t throw your phone across the room just yet. There are still more options to try for solving your case of the “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” headache.

Troubleshooting Tip #3: Re-Position Your Wi-Fi Router

Assuming you’ve rebooted both the AC unit itself and Gree app to no avail, let’s explore issues with the networking side of things.

Weak Wi-Fi signals between your Gree air conditioner and wireless router are often the culprit behind connection failures.

Remember for reliable operation, the AC system should pick up a strong 2.4Ghz signal, displayed as 3-4 bars in the connection status indicator.

If you’re only getting 1-2 bars, try tweaking the physical position of your Wi-Fi router to boost signal strength to the Gree unit:

  1. If possible, move the wireless router closer to the AC condenser outside. Even just a few feet closer can improve reception.
  2. If that’s not feasible, aim to relocate the router higher up or away from interference like metal ductwork, pipes, etc which can disrupt signals.
  3. Face/angle the router’s antennas to directly point towards the AC external unit instead of buried in a media cabinet.
  4. Wait 5 minutes after repositioning so the network & AC can fully reestablish connection.
  5. Check the Wi-Fi signal bars reading for improvement before reattempting app pairing.
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With any luck, a simple router relocation is all you’ll need for that stubborn Gree AC to finally shake hands with your Wi-Fi. Just take baby steps until you find the router sweet spot.

Troubleshooting Tip #4: Clone Your MAC Address

Still struggling with “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” errors? Let’s dig deeper into a more technical issue that sometimes plagues connecting these Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners.

Most modern Gree units come ready for simple plug-and-play Wi-Fi setup. But in some installations, MAC address cloning is required for that seamless connectivity:

  • The MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identifier assigned to networking devices like routers, computers and yes – even air conditioners!
  • Some routers block multiple devices sharing the same MAC address to prevent conflicts.
  • When powering on a Gree AC, it may randomly grab the same MAC address as your router (or another device on the network) before the router can protest.
  • This instantly triggers connectivity issues that prevent linking the duplicated MAC addresses.

Here are the steps Gree recommends to manually override and assign a distinct MAC address:

  1. Locate the Wi-Fi module usually on the left or right side of the outdoor AC condenser unit.
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the module for 5+ seconds until lights start blinking rapidly. This forces a MAC reset.
  3. Immediately go into your router admin and look under connected devices for your AC unit.
  4. Note down the new randomized MAC address the Gree system grabbed on reboot.
  5. Reserve this new MAC address in your router to prevent future conflicts.
  6. Connect as usual from the Gree+ app.

While cloning the new distinct MAC into your router settings requires a bit more technical know-how, this trick is effective at solving “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” errors stemming from address conflicts.

Troubleshooting Tip #5: Toggling Router Frequency Bands

Interference from crowded 2.4Ghz channels can also disrupt connections between Gree air conditioning units and Wi-Fi.

If you live in an apartment complex or densely populated neighborhood, too many competing 2.4Ghz networks and Bluetooth devices in range can overwhelm signals.

Luckily, many modern wireless routers broadcast dual-band – supporting both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. As 5Ghz generally faces less interference, switching your network over may allow the Gree AC to connect where 2.4Ghz failed.

Give this a shot by tweaking settings in your router admin:

  1. Login to your wireless router admin dashboard (
  2. Navigate to the Wireless Settings section.
  3. Locate the Radio Frequency option.
  4. Toggle from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz mode.
  5. If prompted, rename your new 5Ghz wireless network name to match previous.
  6. Give the AC unit 5+ minutes to acquire the new 5Ghz signal.
  7. Reattempt Wi-Fi connectivity via the Gree+ smartphone app.
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Since 5 Ghz is less saturated in most environments, switching over frequency bands often helps stubborn “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” problems finally establish a stable connection. Give it a try!

One last desperate troubleshooting tip before calling in the HVAC pros…

Troubleshooting Tip #6: Factory Reset Your Gree AC

If you’ve made it this far down the troubleshooting list, you likely have a particularly pesky case of “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” syndrome.

Before throwing in the towel and scheduling expensive HVAC service, consider a final hail mary – restoring your Gree air conditioner to factory default settings:

  1. Access the control panel on your indoor AC head unit.
  2. Hold down the LED button on the panel for 10+ seconds until lights blink rapidly.
  3. This will reset ALL settings – including Wi-Fi paired status. You’ll have to reprogram modes, schedules, etc.
  4. Relaunch the Gree+ app Wi-Fi setup process from scratch.
  5. Hopefully the networking gremlins plaguing connection will be flushed out on reboot!

While resetting the Gree AC system to defaults may seem drastic, it can flush out stuck settings that prevent registering onto your h

When All Else Fails, Call in the HVAC Pros!

when all else fails call in the hvac pros
When All Else Fails, Call in the HVAC Pros!

Despite your best efforts troubleshooting common “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” errors, you may still find yourself unable to get that stubborn air conditioning system paired with your wireless network.

At this point, it’s best to call in reinforcements. Your HVAC technician can inspect for issues like:

  • Faulty network hardware on the Gree AC system itself.
  • Incompatible routers requiring firmware upgrades or replacements
  • Poor unit placement leading to weak signal issues.
  • Defective Wi-Fi modules requiring repair/replacement.

In some cases, the Wi-Fi card may simply be too degraded or damaged to establish a solid wireless connection no matter what you try software-side. DON’T attempt to dig into the system and tinker with hardware yourself unless you are HVAC certified!

Schedule an appointment with your HVAC company so qualified Gree AC pros can properly diagnose and fix pesky “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” problems. Paying for expert troubleshooting is worthwhile to finally resolve annoying connectivity issues.

Wrapping Up

Getting your high-tech Gree smart air conditioning system hooked up to your home Wi-Fi network should be simple in theory. But as outlined in this post, there are plenty of potential pitfalls that can lead to frustrating “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” errors.

Before calling in expensive HVAC service visits, methodically work through the troubleshooting tips outlined above:

  • Reboot the Gree AC Unit
  • Reinstall the Gree+ App
  • Reposition Your Wi-Fi Router
  • Clone Your MAC Address
  • Toggle Frequency Bands
  • Factory Reset AC as Last Resort

With patience and slowly eliminating variables, you should hopefully narrow down connectivity problems plaguing your particular situation. But don’t hesitate to eventually call in Gree AC experts if you hit a dead end in your troubleshooting!

Did these troubleshooting steps successfully solve your “cannot connect Gree AC to Wi-Fi” issues and finally get that smart air conditioner paired? Or are you still struggling with stubborn connectivity gremlins? Comment below and let me know!

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