Can A Portable Air Conditioner Be Vented Through A Fireplace


Hey everyone! Ever been super sweaty on a scorching day and thought, “Man, I wish I could just crank up the AC?” But maybe you don’t have one, or maybe your place doesn’t fit those big window units?

No worries, I’ve got a hack for you: popping a portable air conditioner right into your fireplace. Sounds kinda wild, right? But hey, it works – with a bit of tweaking, obviously.

Stick around, and I’ll spill the beans on how to make this magic happen. Dive in and let’s roll!

Why Vented Portable ACs Rock


Always on the hunt to make my pad both green and comfy, I was stoked to discover vented portable ACs check both boxes.

These bad boys can chill a room super fast by shoving all the warm air out. No window ledge needed, making them a top pick for tiny places like flats or studios.

Top perk? They’re on the quiet side. With their snazzy insulated tubes, you get way less racket than the usual window dudes. So, no loud buzz killing your chill vibes at home.

Routing a portable AC through a fireplace is the way to go for keeping your cool without blowing up your electric bill or skimping on the comfy factor. So, splurging on one? Totally worth it if you’re chasing top-notch chill and easy living.

Picking Your Perfect Portable AC

Got the deets on why vented portable ACs are the bomb, now it’s about finding your match.

Size matters, and so do the cool features. Think about how much room you’ve got and if you’ve got any fancy needs like keeping some rooms not-so-muggy or wanting to check the temp in certain spots.

On size: Check out the BTUs for the space you’re cooling. If you’re all about fine-tuning, snag one with a digital thermostat to tweak settings on the fly.

Also, if you’re battling damp rooms, maybe scope out one with a dehumidifier.

Portable ACs have loads to offer, depending on what you’re after. With a bit of thought, you’ll nab one that’s easy on the wallet and keeps your place icy cool – no fireplace needed.

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Setting Up Your Fireplace

Picture me, standing there, fireplace in front, scratching my head. Time to make this portable AC and fireplace thing a reality. First things first, gotta prep the place right.

Kick off with a good ol’ chimney clean – gotta ditch any bird homes, random leaves, or stuff that’s plugging things up.

Then, eyeball the flue for any wonky bits or cracks. Any issues? Fix ’em up before lighting any fires.

Next up, grab a tape measure. Gotta see if the AC’s hose and the fireplace hole are buddies. If they’re not vibing, might need some extra bits like an adapter to get the air flowing right.

All set with the prep? Let’s slap in that portable AC!

Putting in That Portable Air Conditioner

So, I’ve been thinking of getting a portable AC and, you know, maybe venting it through my fireplace? Crazy thought, right?

Okay, step one: I’ve gotta measure and see if the thing even fits.

Next, gotta make sure the fireplace is ready for this whole venting job.

Man, there’s probably a ton to think about. Time to dive in!

Size Matters!


When you wanna put in a portable AC, you gotta know how much space you have – especially if you’re thinking of using the fireplace to let out all that hot air.

You gotta check if there’s anything weird about its size or shape that might mess up the whole setup. Oh, and don’t forget to peek at the local building rules. Don’t wanna end up venting your AC and breaking some law.

Sounds like a plan, right? But hey, might be smart to chat with someone who knows this stuff before diving in.

Getting the Fireplace Ready

Alrighty, if the fireplace venting thing seems cool, let’s prep it.

First off, gotta make sure nothing’s blocking the chimney. Don’t want any surprises there. Also, take a look around the fireplace. No gaps, no cracks – don’t want that hot air sneaking back in.

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Ready to roll? Grab what you need – venting pipes, that foamy air-sealing stuff, and flexi-ductwork. Make sure it’s all the right size and snug, using tape or screws, so we don’t lose any cool air.

Once you’re all set, boom! Time to get that portable AC going.

Play it Safe, Yeah?

Alright, we’ve chatted about how to set it up, but let’s talk safety, folks.

Now, venting ACs through fireplaces? Not the best idea. It’s kinda risky and could mess things up big time. Best bet? Stick to the local venting rules when you’re messing with cooling stuff.

Also, don’t forget to keep things tidy. Check the filters now and then, clean ‘em up as the box says. Dust’s a sneaky thing – slows down the cool and hikes up the bills.

And hey, if things go sideways with your AC, get an expert in there. They’ll sort it out.

Bottom line? Whether it’s an AC or something else, keep things clean, stick to the rules, and for goodness’ sake, don’t use a fireplace for venting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Vent A Portable AC Through A Fireplace?


Okay, so you wanna vent a portable AC through your fireplace? It’s doable, but don’t forget to think about safety and keeping things quiet. Depending on the size of the room you wanna cool down, it might take between 1-4 hours. Before you dive in, be sure the flue is shut tight so you’re not letting any nasty stuff into the house. Oh, and if the noise bugs you, think about adding some soundproofing around the ducts in the chimney.

Can I Pop A Portable AC In A Fireplace If I Don’t Have A Chimney?

Trying to vent a portable AC through a fireplace without a chimney? That’s a toughie! You gotta think about how your fireplace is set up before you jump in. If there’s no chimney already, you’re gonna have to build one before venting your AC. Just remember, adding a chimney might cost you some extra cash and you’ve gotta make sure it’s set up right for ventilation.

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What’s The Best Stuff To Use For Insulation When Venting A Portable AC?

When you’re venting a portable AC, you gotta use the right stuff to insulate so it works well and doesn’t lose heat. The top pick here is closed cell foam because it’s awesome at keeping moisture out and it’s great for temperature control. If you’re sticking your AC unit in, make sure you’re using the good stuff – it could save you some cash in the long run!

Can I Vent A Portable AC Through A Gas Fireplace?


You might be thinking about venting a portable AC through a gas fireplace. It’s doable, but might not be your best move. Be aware of the safety stuff and watch out for too much water building up from condensation. If you go this route, make sure you follow the steps to a T because messing up might land you in hot water, literally. If the venting isn’t spot on, you could end up with loads of water droplets which might mess things up later on.

How Big Of A Portable AC Can I Vent Through A Fireplace?

Throwing a portable AC into a fireplace? It can be a bit of a puzzle. You gotta make sure you’ve got the insulation sorted and that you’re safe about it. The size of the AC you should get depends on the room, but usually, if it’s less than 12,000 BTUs, it might not cut it for a regular room. And hey, make sure you’re cool with local rules before you vent any cooling gadget through a fireplace.


So, thinking about venting a portable AC through a fireplace? There’s heaps to think about! Make sure you’ve got the right insulation and a big enough AC for your space. If you’re missing a chimney, using the right gear will help make things smooth. It might take a bit of elbow grease, but you can totally make it work and keep cool when it’s boiling outside! Hope this chat helps you feel ready to take on this project!